Short stories.

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I was most interested to read this because of the story "The Newlyweds' Window" by Husnah Mad-hy. The sense of witnessing other peoples' lives from a remove is always an engaging and interesting them in art and film and books.

The first story is "Gasping For Air" by Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel. Since the narrator is a serial killer, it is a bit sickening because he is so completely insane and some of the details so clearly belong in the realm of horror, while the narrator sees only aesthetic beauty, from his warped perspective. It was definitely horrifying. I couldn't completely follow what was happening with the female associate--was she all in his imagination? Was he imagining his next intended victim as already a part of his life, and somehow accepting him? Anyway, it was quite effective when he was describing the rest of humanity as insects, showing his separation, his psychological remove from normality.

This was definitely an interesting gathering of stories.