I didn't love it but I liked it

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What I loved most about The Newlywed's Window was the writing. The scenery painted by the writing was so descriptive. The stories are unique and cover multiple genres. I liked the variety of genres. Short stories can sometimes be too short, but many of these stories did a great job captivating their readers. However, there were a few that needed to be longer. I felt too much was left unsaid in a couple of them. I love being introduced to new authors, especially those who can open my world up to a new culture and themes. I was also thrilled to see a short story collection written exclusively by African authors.

Rain was my favorite story in the collection. I wish I had loved all the stories, but unfortunately, I didn't. I like most of them, but some ended too abruptly or didn't intrigue me. I would still highly recommend this book to all readers. The wide range of genres will appeal to lots of readers. Thank you, BookishFirst, for my complimentary copy.