Enjoyed Seeing Through a Different Culture's Eyes

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The Newlyweds' Window is a collection of stories from authors from Africa. Many have never been published and this collection put together by Mukana Press gives these voices a concrete and large audience. There is no strand that ties these together; they were picked as good stories that move you. This many there are many genres including horror. Of the twelve stories, many resonate after you have closed the book. For me, Black Paw Paw by Obinna Ezeodili and Old Photographs by Hannah Onoguwe are the ones that haunt me the most. Both are horror stories but different kinds. Black Paw Paw is domestic terror and is heartbreaking while Old Photographs us supernatural.
I truly enjoyed having a new cultural experience, reading these stories from the people who live and experience the African culture. At the same time, many of the stories have a global heart that echoes our own struggles.