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In the heart of Egypt
Under the watchful eye of the gods
A new power is rising

This was what got me hooked and made me read this book. How can anybody not want to read a book when the first three lines of the summary are this cool. Honestly I have always loved Egypt from the Rick Riordan books that he wrote with the Egyptian gods to the big books filled with heavy information that makes your brain hurt. I have always had an interest in it and so when I saw this book I knew I had to have it no matter what and it honestly paid off. This book was amazing and I recommended it to all of my friends who would listen to me, I'm pretty sure they are all over me talking about this book. There were so many good things in this story and the main character was extremely relatable to me. I loved it and can't wait to read more books from this author the writing is incredible and I highly recommend it.