Just okay for me

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In the beginning of this book I was grabbed hook line and sinker. All the talk of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian mythology; it all had me super hyped and pumped to continue reading.

But as the story went on it kind of lost interest as the main character seems to be lacking.

The overall plot is very good and the plot alone had me reading on to find out what happens. But, there was not one character I found myself relating to or at the very least finding likable.

This authors writing style seemed to go in too many different directions and making it hard to really want to remain focused.

I am very certain that many will absolutely love this book. And I give it an overall 3.5 which is not bad on my rating scale. But, the prose really left me wanting more. I would have also loved more Egyptian mythology throughout.

Overall the book was just okay. Not bad in any real sense, just not my cuppa if you know what I mean. I do hope those who find this style enjoyable find this book and follow everything the author does. As the author is quite a talented story teller.