A Unique Tale

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Mythology has always been a fascinating topic to me, since I was a child. Recently, I have noticed a resurgent interest in mythology, but most of the new literature has focused on Greco-Roman mythology, tales of the Gods we are already familiar with. Wilbur Smith turns to Egypt for the powerful and magical lore that provides the setting of this novel. An epic tale of family betrayal, vengeance, and determination, this book goes beyond any expectations you may hold. I thought this book was fascinating, and it reminded me a bit of American Southern literature (maybe because I've been exposed to a lot of McCarthy and Faulkner recently) in the modes of survival and battle readiness. If you are looking for a magical and epic tale that also manages to cut deep, this may be the next book to read.

Thank you to BookishFirst for an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.