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This first in the series shows an intelligent character in Evan Ryder, a spy who is very good at her job, staying many steps ahead of the bad guys.
I like thrillers and spies, not into politics but it wasn't so heavily political that it turned me off. I thought this would be an interesting concept but it's slow getting there. There's lots of players to keep straight and what sides they're on. Caught my interest because of the travel to Austria and Germany. Having been there I hoped to see familiar places or learn of new ones and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately it comes so late in the book. Interesting reveal at the end that sets up for a sequel that should provide more backstory. Could have used more backstory other places however- I kind of felt like I was getting dropped into the middle of a series instead of first in series. There's a lot of references to previous events that are not fully explained. Maybe the author intends to elaborate on future books?
Overall I was a little disappointed, as this wasn't as exciting as I'd expected and slow going, but it does pick up in the end and leaves us with an intriguing cliffhanger.