Fun Dean Koontz-style novel.

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This book was a fun spy adventure story in the mold of Dean Koontz, or, say, that Eric Van Lustbader fellow who wrote the Jason Bourne novels. This book feels like a series book, but as far as I can tell this is a stand-alone book, or the first book of a new series.

I liked the cheesy Russian villains and the cheesy scenery-chewing dialogue. You should not expect this to be High Literature, but can expect a fun, silly, summer beach-read.

Our hero is a strong female and she will right wrongs and catch villains and achieve success along the way, although of course there will be costs, terrible costs.

I don't know that you would have to visit Washington to picture the D.C. setting for some of this, and I doubt the author would even have had to visit there to write this, but as someone familiar with D.C., that did add to my being able to picture the action and setting of this book.