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This is one of those spy thrillers that are so much fun as a summer read. While there may seem to be links to the current political environment, everything is wildly made up. This book references the current administration obliquely. That's part of it's fun. I do have some quibbles with the book, but they are minor.
This is apparently the beginning of a series following the career of Evan Ryder, an agent in a black-ops agency that is part of the Department of Defense. Evan is pretty much the kind of super smart, super competent agent we are used to, sort of a modern day James Bond. In keeping with the modern dayness of the series, Evan is a woman. This is where I really had to suspend disbelief. Accept the female Evan and all is well in thriller land. Don't and you will have real trouble with the book.
Most every character I met in the story was some kind double or triple agent, either flipping for money or being blackmailed. The major villains were our ever popular Russians, either being Russian or pretending to be Nazis. There is a sub-plot about some internal strife with upper level Russian leaders, but I found it to be more comic relief than anything else.
I will admit I liked the book. In this time when mindless entertainment is badly needed, it fits the bill. I can see a fast moving action movie when I'm reading it.