A non-stop action filled ride

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The Nemesis Manifesto is an cleverly written espionage/political thriller involving all-too-real politicians and situations. You can guess who the unnamed politicians are just by the descriptions, some of which are quite humorous. It appears to be a stand-alone or the beginning of a series. I really liked the character of Evan Ryder who is a lone wolf agent with the DOD. She is smart, tough, well-trained, but not a robot. She is trying to solve the mystery of the gruesome deaths of some fellow agents. The story was action-filled and complex with many twists and turns. There were double and triple agents and suppressed memories. It was very difficult to guess the surprises ahead of time. This book reads like an action movie and I could really picture it as a film. Although, not historically one of my go-to genres, I will seek out more books by this author.