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This book spoke to my heart.

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This book broke my heart for multiple reasons, but ultimately it ended strong and triumphantly. ❤️ A story told in two alternating time periods (late 50s-mid 60s and early 70s) by a young white girl named Tallulah from Mississippi. The author does an amazing job of aging her voice from a 10 yo to a 27 yo. And I must say that the 10 yo Tallulah will no doubt linger with me for quite awhile. Mental illness, racism, bullying/ostracism and child neglect all play a part here but so does courage, strength and hope. I highly recommend this book.

And I’d like to say as someone who was raised in Mississippi myself, this felt amazingly authentic. There were many passages from this author that were so stunningly beautiful that I simply had to linger with them and let them sink deep in my soul.

I will definitely be reading more from this author!