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There is no Perpetual Summer

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The Myth of Perpetual Summer looks at family and how we4 never escape our past.
Tallulah James is growing during the '60s in Mississippi. Not only are racial tension's ight but Tallulah has to live with a mother who is more interested in civil rights than her children and her father who has major highs and major lows. Her grandmother tries to keep the family together, but when tragedy strikes, she can only do so much.
The novel tells to two side by side tales sharing both the stories of a young Tallulah and an older. It is as adult, when she returns home to help her brother, that she is able to look at the past and rise above it. The story does this by flashing back intermediately, showing the reader life through her eyes.
The culture of the South is as thick as the Mississippi humidity and tension runs thick throughout the plot. The reader stays engaged through out the entire story.
I was somewhat unhappy with how tidy the story ended. Only one thread wasn't tied perfectly in a knot. This made a story that was so realistic seem more fantasy like.