Perpetual darkness

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Thanks to the publisher for a copy to read and give my honest opinion.

Perpetual meaning never ending....the summer that changed the lives of this family. Tallulah was a child the summer of 1958, in a time where the children were pretty much left to there own devices and there mother is too busy saving the people of Algeria. In 1958 of May the Algerian war was at a pinnacle and the French part of a war. The author uses this crisis as a reason why the mother is absent at home but apparently this is a shameful reason according to the Grandma.

Regrets are monsters under the bed....

After Algeria, Margo gets embroiled in the cause of civil rights movement of 1961. Tallulah is still being bullied by the police chiefs son Grayson. Her father is fighting mental health issues and the kids are pretty much abandoned. No cause seems small enough to draw this woman away from her children.

One of the twins is now in jail following a murder trial, and Tallulah is sent back to where it all began, beginning with the man that saved her from drowning. Ross is not a lawyer and his parents are deceased by the time Tallulah makes her way to him to help her brother.

This is not a light read but rather a thought provoking read which help you determine that every thing has a path and you chose which one you partake. Tallulah is a responsible individual and her heart thinks she is there to take care of everyone. Even her grandmother has her very own story to tell, no one to blame.

This is an epic read, that is set to teach you and not to entertain you. Five stars for the creator!