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Evocative & Enthralling.

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Based on the First Look excerpt I read of this title, the writing is fluid and beautiful. The author has a way with words that transports you to the moment, leaving you standing side by side with Tallulah James. The connotations are layered with the intrigue and tension of family secrets, complex adult relationships, and historical relevance. The angst and uncertainty of being raised in a volatile environment are conveyed with every paragraph and you can feel the damage that has lingered well beyond adolescence.

While the 60s are not an era I generally read about, the First Look has piqued my interest and I can't wait to read the novel in its entirety. I enjoy a well-written story with elements of mystery, human relationships, drama, and history. I feel this title presents all these elements and they have been constructed to create an easy-to-read, fascinating portrait of an individual and the residual narrative of a family broken and scarred in the midst of turmoil.