Well.. I Tried

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I tried desperately to win this book through bookishfirst. And unfortunately I did not. I was lucky enough to get this book through the book of the month. I was hopeful that I would love this book as much as I loved the Silent Patient. But, sadly... I did not. I still enjoyed the story, and the writing is decent. It is set in the same place as The Silent Patient. I just did not get the sense that this was in anyway a thriller novel. I found myself having to talk myself into reading it. I was just not as entertained as I was hoping I would be. The cover drew me in right away because I thought it would be about a Greek Tragedy and instead its about a Professor at Cambridge and a group that he calls " The Maidens". Even with the story centered around a murder, I could not help but not be interested in who actually committed the crime. This book just was not for me.