Unlikable characters, but entertaining plot

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Trigger warnings for most things you can think of: domestic abuse, sexual abuse, pedophelia, grooming, animal cruelty and death. Murder is on the list too but I feel like that’s expected in a thriller.
I definitely enjoyed this more than the Silent Patient, though it does suffer some of the same problems I had with the latter. Mainly: all the characters are unlikable and frankly suck. All of them. Always.
Nevertheless, it was an interesting read and I didn’t guess a huge twist at all, though I did guess the killer. How it’s possible to do one and not the other is something you can find out by reading :)
I’m not mad that I read this and fans of the Silent Patient will be happy to know there is overlap between the two (Theo shows up in this one too, though this takes place before the events of the Silent Patient). I guess it’s somewhat of a companion novel.