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After reading The Silent Patient and loving it, I was excited but somewhat skeptical about The Maidens. The Silent Patient was such a phenomenal success that I wasn't sure if The Maidens could live up to the hype of The Silent Patient and honestly I feel that it did! Mariana is a group therapist and her husband, Sebastian, has passed away and she is mourning his loss when she gets a call from her niece, Zoe, who is a student at Cambridge, to tell her that her friend, Tara, has been murdered. Cambridge is Sebastian and Mariana's alma mater. Mariana returns to Cambridge and although she had intended to return to her home after a couple of days, she decides to stay as she believes that the man that they have arrested for her murder is innocent. She starts her own little investigation and she immediately becomes suspicious of a professor who has a cult like following of a group of girls called The Maidens. This is a dark twisty thriller with many different suspicious characters that will keep you guessing. I loved the easter egg references to The Silent Patient as well.