The Maidens Review

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I really wanted to win this book and it took me like forever to find this book i swear! by the time i found it i had completely where i had first seen it!! I would highly recommend this book, i'd buy it and i'd listen to the audiobook again!

This was a pretty crazy story, i'm not writing this right after reading it but i can still remember this book very well! too well to reread it yet but i really want to so i may anyways lol I love books set at schools and i want to say i was watching netflix The Order before i read this so i had a THEME going on lmao If this was made into a tv series i would be so excited to watch it!

Anyone who really likes school mysteries, dark academia, and the like this is a great book. The characters are likeable (or easy to dislike lmao), story was good and as soon as i started reading i found it really hard to put this book down. Five stars!