Somewhat Enjoyable

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A somewhat enjoyable mystery-thriller set at Cambridge University where a charismatic Greek tragedy professor and his special group of young female students are entangled in a murder investigation.

Things to know:
▻ Short, easy to read chapters
▻ Greek mythology (Iphigenia & Persephone)
▻ Academic murder mystery
▻ Secret society
▻ Cambridge University setting
▻ Sophomore novel following bestseller debut

Read this…
…if you can allow for incompetent professionals in a murder investigation for the sake of a few twists and discoveries in an atmospheric setting. Michaelides does a fairly good job of propelling the reader through the end with his central question “Why do we sacrifice ourselves to win love?” Unfortunately, I was left a little unsatisfied by the reason behind the murders. Read less for deep psych thriller and more for escapism.

▻ Mediocre dialogue/interactions
▻ Slow burn without much tension

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Thanks to Celadon for the free galley.