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I think that this book was amazingly written, I loved everything about this. It mixed my two favorite things: Murder and greek mythology. I picked this book up with very high hoped and this book lived up to everything I could have ever wanted. The author Alex Michaelides also wrote one of my favorite books, The Silent Patient. I think that this dark, beautiful, intriguing book is everything I could have wanted. This book gave off the same vibes as The Davinci Code. The plot is quite the same but still, it gave off the same vibes, if that was a book you liked that you should definitely read this one. I loved all the eerieness and the mystery in this book. I also loved the writing style, it was a little different than other books I read, but this was very exciting. I was never bored or felt myself getting tired while reading this book. I flew through it in just two days because I couldn't put it down.