Loss or Lost?

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This is a story about loss…do you really know someone. Do you really know someone after that have gone?
The loss of of husband has put her on edge, grief and longing of what she has lost has made her feel like she has lost herself.
A call from a niece in trouble makes her feel like she does, after all, have some meaning in her life.
She heads out to heed the cry of help, but what she has gotten herself into is much, much deeper than she ever thought possible.
The death of some young woman, the ritualistic way they died, and clues to some sort of cult laid out for all too see, A handsome professor who seems to turn up at every stone, and corner ,and a secret of all secrets is just brimming at the surface.
Do you really know the people around you, so you really? Do you trust the stranger you met on the train, or do you trust the people you thought were there for only you?