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Once again Michaelides does not disappoint. When Mariana is called by her niece, Zoe, to come to support her on the heels of the death of Zoe's best friend, Mariana is quick to respond. Even though Mariana is deeply entrenched in her own issues and tragedy, she resolves she will be there for her niece. But what she gets when she arrives is a whole lot of lies and misdirection. The answers she finds aren't all that pretty either.

So this book is full of red herrings. There are multiple occasions where the reader is directed to look at this or that person as a suspect and likely responsible for the tragedies going on, but the real truth is way darker and uglier. I really loved how Michaelides mentioned his other book and characters from it in this book and somewhat tied his books together. Michaelides leaves the reader in the dark as long as humanly possible until the last second when he blinds you with the truth that has been sitting right under your nose the whole time. That is my favorite part of his books. Very well done.