Great Thriller

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I read the Silent Patient and loved it. There was a ton of hype for this book because the Silent Patient got so popular. However, this one fell flat for me.

I didn't sympathize with the characters. I didn't really like any of the characters. There was too much misdirection in the mystery of it all. It took away from the story. The Henry part of the plot wasn't even necessary. Parts of the story were exciting and other parts were boring. I didn't really like the vibe. I did like his connection to the Silent Patient. That was cool to see. You'd only pick up on this of course if you read his first book. There were parts of it that were good but as a whole it just wasn't as good as his debut novel, which kept you reading. That being said, I'd still read other books by Alex Michaelides. It wasn't terrible.

I'm disappointed but hopefully there's more coming from Alex.