Disappointing for me

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I’ll start this by saying, The Silent Patient was one of my favorite books of the year when it came out, however I read thrillers a lot less than I did then. Despite that, I was really excited for this one because of how much I enjoyed the author’s debut.

Unfortunately, this one really missed the mark for me. I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief/kind of vague to avoid any spoilers, but if you’ve read it and want to talk in more detail, just message me.

It seemed like there was way too much going on, it didn’t feel super suspenseful to me until the ending, which was a bit rushed and abrupt. Some of the writing was a bit cringey to me and I found our main character, Mariana extremely annoying. There were also a few elements of the story that I would have liked a bit more explanation of, or more time going in depth on.

All that said, I know so many people have loved this one, and if you are a thriller lover or have really been itching to read this, give it a try because you may love it too!