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I read The silent patient after I was lucky enough to receive an arc from the publisher. And I was so excited when I seen that this one had also come in the mail. It arrived from the publisher with a postcard in it. The card was black and white and had a building sprawled in the photo. I dove in right away and was so pleasantly surprised to see that on keeping with the theme of the silent patient we were lead through the story with questions and full of our own suspicions. It was a dark, wet, tunnel of Who Dunnit. And I was enamored with the writing from the very beginning. I liked the main character, which I dont find myself saying often. Alot of the times they grind om my nerves, but I liked her. And to me. The characters are what builds the story. It did not lack thats for sure. I am looking forward to another mystery by this author and I hope to enjoy it just like I did this one!