Strong Start; Weak Finish

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I give The Lost Girls of Paris 3.5 stars. The book has a astrong beginning but a trickling of an ending.
Grace get waylaid by a car accident on her way to work. While she figures out hwo to get safely to work, she sees a bag on it's own. Curosity pulls her to it. Inside she finds a set of photos of women that called to her. In a rash decision she takes these photos with her. What she doesn't know is that these women worked for Britian during the war and thatr this photos would stir in her a need to memorialize them.
The boks starts off beautifully. Pam Jenoff details the World War II time world in a way that puts you right in the midst of the locations. I was pulled by teh characters. I wanted to know more about the women who were in the pictures. I loverd her their stories and their motivations.
The book devolves as the characters fall into old tropes that back why men didn't wnat women in the war. The conclusion of the story only gives partial closure (which is actually very realistic in this period) but the fallout is minimal and less you underwhelmed.
The Lost Girls of Parios starts strong and then slowly fades and you're okay to leave it behind.