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I had high(er) hopes for this book. It was very disappointing.

This book follows three women between two different times during and after WWII. First we meet Grace, a widow, who is working and living in New York in 1946. She discovers a seemingly abandoned suitcase in a train station and decides to look in it and then take the photos she finds within the case...and then she tries to reunite the photos to the case but the case is gone. Gasp!
We are then introduced to Eleanor, who is in charge of the women's Special Operations Executive in London, and Marie, one of her agents, in 1944. The story is told from their perspectives, alternating throughout the story.

The character development of these three women is severely lacking. We learn a small bit of background from each woman but it's not enough to make them interesting. Eleanor loves her team of girls and that's really all to her. She faces backlash from the men she works with but just ignores them. She doesn't do much in the name of women's rights. I would expect more from this type of character. Marie isn't impressive either. Her character development makes no sense, just like most of the stuff she does makes no sense. Grace's motivation to find more information on the girls in the photos doesn't make sense to me either--and the ending to her story is cookie-cutter and lazy writing.

I didn't take away anything from this book. The characters were flat. The action was boring. Was their historical accuracy? I have no idea.