Mystery and war

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"The Lost Girls of Paris" is the kind of book you can't put down. It's a historical romance, set during WWII. In the story, 12 girls, led by Eleanor Trigg, are trained to transmit radio messages for England in occupied France. But something happens along the way and the Germans are able to find them. Two years later, Gracie finds the 12 pictures in a suitcase in Grand Central and New York, and decides to try to find out who are they and what happened to them. Told in parallel between what happened in the war and also Gracie's saga to understand what happens, the story is very original and interesting and makes you wonder what went wrong and what happened to the girls. It shows the atrocities of the war, but also the clever ways people would invent to circumvent those challenges. If you love WW2 fiction and romances, I would definitely recommend this book!