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What a book to read and one that is part of a time in history I didn't know much about. The story just flows smoothly, introducing us to the players and setting up the reader to be drawn into a world gone by filed with war, danger and heartache. With the right amount of tension, storytelling and more the author does an amazing job in capturing a time period filled with so much loss, lives and more the reader can not help but fall into the story completely. It's heavy reading to be sure as it deals with World War 2 and the way some battled the Nazis and tried to survive. Pam Jenoff delivers a story that is at times heartbreaking, resilient and comes out in the end as one filled with hope.

The author does a superb job in her historical worldbuilding as she crafts a story filled with intrigue, mystery and danger in a time of war. If you are looking for a story that will take you back to a time gone by, filled with people that may have been real and more, then The Lost Girls of Paris will definitely be your ticket. Just be warned its an engrossing tale you won't want to put down.