World-building, fantasy epic

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I really enjoyed this book. I think this will be one of those books that will sneak up and surprise people. It is such a beautiful debut that is subtle, and quiet in its magnificence. The world Huerta creates is so unique. Most books with magic follow the same 3-4 threads, but this creates a wholly different world and culture.

Not only has Huerta created a beautiful world for readers to immerse themselves in, but she has also created wonderful, powerful, and dynamic female characters that leap off the page. There is poetry to the writing that sends readers wistfully through the chapters and before you realize it, it's over and you are left dreaming of the dreamers and Huerta's world.

I don't want to give anything away of the story because it is so beautiful how Huerta chooses to let readers into the world she has created and the character you can tell she loves so deeply. Readers, follow along and take this journey with a Dreamer, hiding the fact that she can no longer Dream, and a wanderer, hiding the fact that she can Dream. The story is rich and complex and not just another cliche YA fantasy.