What a dream! Pun intended :)

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Well, the beginning was a sudden drop into an unfamiliar world. I love world building in the slow fashion but this book was a sink or swim in figuring out what was going on and all the characters to figure out. I know some prefer this way though it’s just not my preference. The rest of the book, wow! I also really need to reread the first chapter now knowing everyone. I had mostly figured out the twist but not completely so bonus points for mysterious characters. The story was totally unique and I cannot wait to see where “The Dream” takes us next. This novel was medium paced but the world it is in sinks you so deeply in that it feels fast. If you are looking for a bit of hope amongst the chaos we live in today this is for you. While it was not overwhelmingly happy it was not overwhelmingly sad either just like life. The gorgeous cover is no misdirection as the story within is just as beautiful!