To Dream, Seek the Story (Within this Book)

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Very cool very cool very cool.

There's my review. Of this book.

Just kidding.

This book was interesting. I was drawn in by the premise of this book-- inspired by ancient Mesoamerica, which is a part of the world I've never read fantasy stemmed from. But when I heard this was perfect for fans of Tomi Adeymi and Sabaa Tahir, I new I had to see what this fuss was all about. (Those are two of my favorite sff authors, by the way.)

So our MC is Indir, a Dreamer, who is able to see beyond reality and carries the Dreaming Truth. When the old king of the land dies, his rueful son takes over, and is determined to wipe out all the Dreamers. (And this premise is quite similar to Children of Blood and Bone.)

Was it pulled off in this book?


I don't know. Which means, ultimately, no.

The book felt cramped, like it tried to tackle a lot of things but just ended up doing it messily. I did like the diversity, and the author's effort overall, but I just wasn't sucked in the way I'd hope.