Otherwordly, a bit confusing

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"The Lost Dreamer" is a story set in a Mesoamerican fantasy world that revolves around Dreaming. I was really into the descriptive otherworldliness of the dreaming world and the spirits that inhabit it, and the way that the characters experienced it. I was interested in the overall worldbuilding, and I liked the two POVs, that of Indir and Saya, though Saya's I preferred. I found some parts a bit meandering, some details a bit confusing.

There's one thing I didn't really like, and I feel like this happens a lot with fantasy YA titles that I pick up primarily for the fantasy aspect: the main romantic relationship in the story. I wasn't interested in it from the start, and by the end still didn't really care. Also it's unpleasant thinking you're reading a standalone only for the book to end inconclusively. I guess it's a duology? I didn't see it advertised as such. It was a good story, but I'm not sure I care enough to read the sequel.