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The Lost Dreamer follows the story of Indir and Saya, two young women who are forced onto a path of possible war. Both have the magical ability to See and speak to different beings while asleep, called Dreaming. It is while awake and in Dream where they try to navigate and make the right choices to protect their family, themselves, and their uncertain future. Along the way the reader is introduced to an amazing cast of characters with a variety of magical heritages and abilities.

Lizz Huerta did such a phenomenal job with this book, and I truly loved everything about it. I thought the characters were so well flushed out, and the story flowed with such ease and beauty. The richness in which Lizz Huerta described her world, which was inspired by ancient Mesoamerica, was marvelous. Lizz Huerta really lived up to my high expectations.

Just a few things I would have liked to see. It would have been nice to have a map of the city Alcanzah and the surrounding regions, and to see a cast of characters to know how to properly pronounce their names. Lizz Huerta picked out some of the most beautiful names I’ve ever read in books. By no means did either take away from the story for me, it’s just a preference I would have liked.

Lizz Huerta’s debut The Lost Dreamer was such a stunningly beautiful novel. Without a doubt, I will be following her career and look forward to her future books.