Love the vivid imagery!

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The writing style is immersive and I liked the vivid imagery. There are two first-person points-of-views, Indir and Saya. Indir is a dreamer while Saya can see and talk with spirits in the Dream world. There's magic in this book, and it felt like it was set in the Amazon (like the animated movie Ainbo). I wouldn't say I liked Indir's POV since it was mostly info-dumping (there were too many characters and tribes to deal with) while building up to some great conflict that's going to happen soon.

Saya's POV is much more interesting as there are fewer characters and we see her troubling relationship with her mother (I also thought it was strange how both main characters refer to their mothers using their names. Is this something common in this culture?). Also, I wasn't sure if Saya is from the same people as Indir's people since Saya mentioned how she travels and one of the people spoke in a different language she didn't understand (unless this place has people of similar ancestry but different languages? Maybe it's explained later in the story, but so far that's what I understood from the excerpt).

One thing to note that some may not like is the length of each chapter; it is long. And a chapter sticks to one POV, hence the length, though perhaps that's the style.

I personally don't like covers with people on them, but this cover does give the magical vibes that this book has. I would've preferred a more nature-related look (leaves, trees, flowers, vines, landscapes).

The excerpt is interesting, but I don't know if I'll want to continue reading.