Great Book, Not For Me

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"Stories don't end, Saya, they just change shape."

This is a classic case of great book, wrong person. This book took me forever to get through but was still very good. I loved the world building and the lore used throughout. The idea of the Dream was such a cool concept and I really enjoyed reading about all the spirits and different lands within the Dream. I definitely preferred Saya's chapters to Indir's though. I liked all of the characters but I just couldn't really connect with them which made the story less enjoyable for me. It also didn't help that I was reading other books at the same time and I found those to be more interesting than this.

"What is new is always exciting, even when and especially when it's dangerous."

I was pretty confused for a little bit at the end but the confusion clears up in the next chapter or so when everything is explained. I liked the twist at the end but I think it could have been revealed in a less confusing way. Although, that could have been what the author was aiming for. If so, they nailed it!

I feel like there will most likely be a sequel to this, but I most likely won't read it or ever reread this one. It just wasn't for me.