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"Stories don't end, Saya, they just change shape."

Love love loved the premise of this book, so needless to say I was super excited going into it! Also, can we take a second to just talk about how STUNNING the cover is!! I really enjoyed the dual perspectives and the fantasy elements of this book. However, I found the opening quite confusing and it took some time to understand what was actually happening. I understand the importance of world-building but I feel like it took a while to get into because it was hard to fully grasp what was going on. Overall though, I enjoyed the writing and the development of the characters. I appreciated the world building and descriptions of different tribes, as well as their backgrounds. There were some action-packed scenes but there were also some very slow parts. Some of the "surprises" were predictable but there was a plot twist towards the end that I had not anticipated, which I always enjoy! I did think that it was a standalone novel, but the story is left unfinished - I will definitely keep reading the series though.