A little disappointing

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I was really excited about this book, it has such a great premise! But I was a bit disappointed upon reading it. It had one decent plot twist but other than that I feel like it failed to live up to its potential. There wasn't much backstory to the characters, you didn't really get attached to them and had no reason to really root for them because you didn't know who they were or what their motive was. I think the book could have been much longer and spent that extra time going slow- world building and fleshing out the characters. Maybe it was a debut book and perhaps the second one will be a little better, I hope! But as for this one, not my favorite. Please, a note to the author, really dive into these characters more (not just the main two either, I really liked a lot of the secondary characters)... show us who they really are. Give us some extra info, even if it's not essential to the plot, it makes the story richer!