158: The Lost Dreamer

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The Good

I. The setting/world is what got me in the first place.

II. The dream world is not only unique but interesting it was my favorite part of the story.

The Bad

I. Characters

A. They were one dimensional.

It is really unfortunate because this story had so many good dynamics and characters (on surface).

B. There are too many characters which is especially a problem since they were not being fleshed out.

C. The romance had zero chemistry.

II. Plot driven

A. Things just happen to obviously push plot forward.

B. Info dumping ahoy- like character will come up give the main characters what they need to move the story forward.

C. I think because the plot was moving very fast (but at same time without depth) it got in the way of many things organically happening.

III. Obviously hoards information so that they can reveal it later.


I. Are we doing things as a way to create a sequel/series? It can feel like stories be dragging so as to bleed into another book or create a series.

II. Debut author.

I wonder if many of the problems are in result of the author being a debut author.

III. It has more emotional and touchy women characters than you find in many fantasies which is not a bad thing.

Touchy = hugging, comforting each other, laying on each other (platonically), basically physical touch

Emotional= crying. being sad, acknowledging the sad moments

IV. Is the type of fantasy this wants /needs to be (I assume) conflicting with what is popular in ya?

V. I do not feel it really challenges topical themes of patriarchal power and female strength neither does it have a lineage of seers defiantly resisting the shifting patriarchal state. Although, I get the sense that the emotion, physical touch, and what was put to the relationships between the women could be argued to be doing this (at least in a small way).