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A timely novel

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This is my first official "horror" novel. I have always enjoyed thrillers and mysteries and was intrigued at the first samples I read. With my interest being peaked and getting the opportunity to read this novel before it's release was thrilling to say the least.
When I started reading this book our country was in "quarantine" and a lot was happening that we thought could never happen in real life. As I finished it the riots had began in protest of the murder of a defenseless man by a police officer.
With this stage set in reality the pages of this book leaped alive in many ways. This is a long read and was begun by George Romero before his death and completed by Daniel Kraus. As I read I wondered if Mr. Kraus had an idea of where Mr. Romero had planned to go with this novel. Thankfully Mr. Kraus supplied a "co-authors note" that in great detail shared how he came to be chosen to write the completion and gave some really wonderful insight into how he prepared himself and where he got his research. I have to say although I am not a horror genre follower I'm impressed by the collaboration and the end result. I was disturbed by some aspects (I think that was the point) surprised, happy, sad (yes I cried!) And in the end very glad I read this book. I can honestly say it has left an impression something I wasn't expecting in the least. I'm glad that this project did not die with Mr. Romero. Cudos to all involved on a job well done.