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The Life Council landed in my lap at just the right time. That’s the thing about self-help books - or any book, for that matter; they speak to us and we receive their messages based on what we need to hear or are able to hear at any given moment. For me, I happened to be at a point in my life of re-evaluating my personal story about female friendships, including the wounds I incurred and the wounds I inflicted. The Life Council provided a real and relatable perspective that helped me forgive myself and know that I’m not alone. It gave me new ways of defining friendship, along with some very helpful guidelines on how to be a friend - something that we’re not taught well in our current society.

I appreciated that The Life Council is quick and concise. I tend to lose interest in books that are too preachy or text book-ish. It presented more like a one-day seminar, inspiring me to value and redefine existing friendships and giving me courage to pursue others, knowing that having one or two “best friends” isn’t necessary and isn’t necessarily the best.