The cover is amazing!

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3.5 stars actually.
First I'm gonna say that the cover is really pretty! When I started reading this book, I was like- ''hmm I don't understand the meaning of cover''- and then after couple of chapters, when I finally got used to characters, plot line and new book world in general I got the main idea behind this gorgeous cover (and the title too!)
That's enough for cover's admiring. Now let's move on to the book!
I don't quite enjoyed the author's writing style, because it was kind of annoying to just read about one thing for whole five minutes but with different words.
I was really excited to read this book, because of the infertility representation and it started of great, but. BUT the ending wasn't it for me you know?! I was waiting it to be positive, but all I got was negative.
However family drama was amazing and enjoyable!
Overall the storyline of The Latecomer was truly good, but wasn't for me.
I'm looking forward to read more from this author!