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I really, really, REALLY wanted to like this book. I loved the style; Korelitz has such a unique way of writing that makes you feel like you are watching layers of the story unfold. The only problem this book had was there were too many interjections within thoughts that it became hard to read. I loved the layered style, it mimicked thought so much and felt like I was a child listening to an oral story being told, but it just did not translate well for the book's intention.

The beginning opens up with a recount of the family's makeup and history, essentially telling us of a grand and turbulent love story riddled with drama and emotion. And it is just that, a beautiful story. But, I found myself having to reread pages over to make sure I fully knew what was going on--admittedly, at some point,s I just kept reading, hoping I would find out the meaning of the commentary later on.

The early reviews are absolutely correct in calling this a slow burn. Honestly, I think this book is best read by those who have the time to sit down and dedicate large chunks of time to sifting through the layered story. It is complex, interwoven in a brilliant demonstration of what a family is, and how those connections between siblings and parents can strain or heal us. It is a strong story that leaves itself lingering in your mind. Cold lines and injections of pure emotion truly drive this story. I think the experience is best described as transformative because of how you reflect while reading.

Again, as I said, I really wanted to enjoy this book, and I think, in some ways, I did. It simply wasn't the read for me, but it could be for you, reader.