Family comes first, or does it?

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FAmily comes first, or does it? In Jean Hanff Korelitz' new novel, THE LATECOMER, we are met with a slew of questions that we ask ourselves. I first fell in love with this authors writing with last years knockout book THE PLOT and while this story is quite different it still had that same depth and tightness in writing; she does suck a great job at giving so much information in short spurts but keeping it compelling and not feeling too heavy.

THE LATECOMER follows the story of the Oppenheimer family; a father who is reclusive and really never wanted to be a dad-or knew how to be one- in the first place, a mother whos' sole purpose was to raise her three children conceived through invitro and never had the attachments a mother/child relationship aught to, and the triplets: Harrison, Lweyn and Sally-idnetical but completely different all at once. Through the novel we follow their struggles, their lack of emotional connection and their eventual progression into adulthood and how they interact when they begin to learn the past.

There were some really nice moments in this novel and incredibly rich characters. As most literary novels go it was not the fastest page turner out there. Read this if you enjoy slow burning books with unique characters and POV's.