Could be one of my all time favorites!

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I loved it. I can be a lazy reader which means I skim lines. You can’t do this with this book. If you do you can miss vital information . The subject and characters were a hard read as they are not happy people but the twists and turns of the book explains it all. One of the major events at the end of the book I did not see coming.
Part of me was happy with the ending and part of me wanted certain characters to feel more. But if they had known more facts it probably would not have changed them. The Father, the father, the father! I don’t want to reveal anything but he made me sad and mad. The mom represents so many women who have totally devoted their lives to their families and not taken care of themselves. The kids were not loving siblings. At times, they were certainly mean and I just wanted to shake them.
Overall it was a great thought provoking read and I hope to read more this author! Definitely put it on your reading shelf.