A little slow but well written

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I absolutely loved Jean Hanff Korelitz's last book, The Plot, so I was very excited to get an ARC of The Latecomer from Bookish First. But it did not live up to my high expectations. The book is well written but the first two thirds are so slow. It also does not help that most of the characters are very unlikeable and don't even like each other. I did not start to really enjoy the book until the last third when the latecomer finally made her appearance and there was more character development for all the characters. Phoebe is the most developed and mature character in the book despite being the youngest sibling. The rest of the characters were all redeemed in some way by the end and I liked the relationships that developed among the siblings. I also liked Jean Hanff Korelitz's writing style and would definitely read other books by her in the future.