Futuristic Dystopian Re-Colonization

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The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe has the skeleton of being really really good but just doesn't seem to get there. It seems as though the planet has finally hit the boiling point of pollution, no pun intended, and society unravels between the colonists and the raiders. The colonists are lead by people who have been given the title of Admiral. These Admiral's are out for one thing and one thing only, gold. The problem with going for this gold is, it is in the river bedrock, the ships make a lot of noise and pollution, and raiders attack and kill anyone and everyone on these vessels. Poe is a young woman who is in love with her childhood friend, Call. Out on a gold mining mission, raiders attack their vessel, kill Call, and let Poe go as a final warning to stay off the rivers. Years later, Poe has created the ultimate anti-raider vessel, and she's the captain. Poe sets off and has the ultimate haul. Nothing is going wrong and appears to be going wrong, until it does. Poe believes there is a spy on the vessel, a spy for the Admiral who doesn't trust Poe. Raiders attack, and claim the vessel, but how? Maybe the spy wasn't for the Admiral after all.