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A winner of a story!

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Not going to lie, several years ago I tried reading Allie Condie's Matched series and it just did not work for me. It seemed childish and overly simplistic. I know YA isn't supposed to read like an adult novel, but I was put off by her writing and by how one dimensional the characters were.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by this book, not to mention that the cover is sooo much nicer than those of her previous novels.

Overall, I really liked the main character Poe. I felt like I could at least understand and sympathize with her grief and her desire for revenge. She wasn't a perfect character by any means, but that just made me appreciate her all the more. At times, she could be overly cautious and reckless as all get out, but I loved it. Unlike some YA where the characters sometimes feel too adult, Poe behaved as you would expect a 17 year old to behave.

Side note, I was expected more of a fantasy setting for some reason, but got dystopian instead (but I was okay with it).

For anyone who read Matched and didn't like it, I'd definitely recommend this book. It definitely redeemed Allie Condie in my eyes at the very least.