A Meaningful Dystopian

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Even if dystopian novels are not your first choice, you still need to to consider reading THE LAST VOYAGE OF POE BLYTHE since there are some underlying themes that beg comparison to eminent domain attitudes, false promises from political parties, untrustworthy politicians who care only about fattening their own wallets, and even some environmental concerns. The young ( age 17) yet-strong female protagonist (Poe) is not the sole female among a cast of males, and it is nice to have equally talented female companions such as Eira the cartographer. Interestingly, no one can be sure who is trustworthy or who is a spy as Poe seeks to avenge the early-in-the-story-death of a very special person in her life. The inability to determine the same is part of what keeps one turning the pages. There are meaningful reminders about modern life sprinkled throughout the desperate and daring adventures of the characters, but nothing is heavy handed. Tam, the cook, has a knife made of horn from a long since extinct animal, and the Admiral, a self-centered political leader, cares only about glory (something that did not die with dictators in World War II). It is nice to have a dystopian adventure that can be thought provoking while also providing entertainment. The human will to survive, to adapt to changing conditions, and the ability to not only get along with people who seem to be different but to learn from their experiences provide plenty of talking points for book clubs with members of all ages. I rated this book a 4 instead of a 5 only because I personally prefer a different basis for the plot.