Confused by the Ending

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This book is about a village on an island that is surrounded by a barrier that protects them from a deadly fog but soon one of the main 3 scientists dies which triggers a dead man's switch effectively disintegrating the barrier which means that the only way to have the barrier back is by figuring out who killed the scientist.

This book was both confusing and compelling. It started out in a very odd way and you really don't understand what's fully going on until the very last page but even then, I still have so many unanswered questions. This book dug deep into what happens when you don't have humanity and lie to people, along with a sort of doomsday situation.

The narrator in my opinion was sometimes reliable and sometimes not, due to the fact that the narrator is this thing called Abi which is this mental being that is in all the villagers' heads while also being its own entity. Abi causes a lot of secrets to be kept and perpetrates many of the events of this book.